BPme mobile app (iOS & Android) / Visual Design Lead / 2016-2018 

BPme is a ‘Pay for fuel’ innovative mobile app being used by more than 700,000 enrolled users around the world - for Australia, UK, Mexico, Netherlands and for the countries to follow around the globe.

As part of BP’s digital transformation, BPme is the first step in changing the ways BP interact with their customers, making it one of the most complex and high-profile digital projects.


BPme initially just let you pay for fuel from the comfort of your car. It's intended to be easy to set up, use and keep track of your fuel receipts.

Feedback for the design of the app is overwhelmingly positive, the core pay for fuel journey has been iterated and refined since the initial flow.


Once the initially process flow has been complete a detailed user flow is created with primarily focuses on happy paths through the new feature, these are then made into prototypes and tested to ensure prior hypothesis were correct.

As the visual design team updates the screens this flow is also updated (magic mirror plugin for sketch is a blessing for this) and eventually this mapping will be used as a living document to communicated the feature to the development team.  


BPme Micro-Interactions.

BPme UK step by step tutorial for Android. Simply set up your account, add your payment and loyalty card and then pay for fuel from the comfort of your car. There has never been an easier way to pay for fuel. Phone, Fuel, Go!


This is the release tutorial video explaining BPme iOS app, however since this video was released many enhancements and features have been added to the application.