Rania is an Associate Design Director based in NYC at IBM iX, and she previously held that role in the London Studio. She’s a keynote/TEDx speaker, guest lecturer, industry mentor at some of the world’s best universities and has been invited to judge and mentor across Europe.

Rania works at the intersection of design, business & technology and has won multiple awards recognizing her as one of the best in digital & tech in the UK. She made it on The Drum list Top 50 under 30 2018 and got listed at the Top 100 Women in Tech UK. Rania is a proud Founders of the Future member, launched by Founders Forum and has also been selected as a Top Talent IBM UKI recognizing her as a Future Leader amongst 2300 IBM practitioners. She is passionate about design & people and one of her missions is to empower more women into design & technology and help connect the gaps between design and business.

She has been featured by The Times, Fortune, BBC, Huffington Post, The Evening Standard, The DRUM, Essential Retail, People, TechCrunch and many more.

Rania is both a visionary and a doer, making her a rare and powerful unicorn in the business world. She led the design and was the Creative Director for my invention IBM Instant Checkout, and in doing so, she created a brand system that was distinctive, emotive, and flexible. In leading the design team, Rania never failed to encourage and help others grow, while keeping a firm hand on the quality of the creative and all design outputs. Both a brilliant Creative Director and Visual Designer, Rania is also an incredible human being. People naturally want to be around Rania because her passion for life is contagious, and her desire to improve the world through great design is inspirational.
— Lindsay Herbert [Author of Digital Transformation | IBM Inventor & Innovation Leader | Board Member | Keynote Speaker]
Rania is the best digital designer I have ever worked with - bar none. That’s a big statement, but is thoroughly true. She is also an absolutely ridiculously inspiring individual. I have watched her grow over the last 3 years, when she came to work in my team. She very quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Her design craft, and the innovation she brings to projects is immense. Her attention to detail, and ability to develop a story and purpose around a concept is exceptional. I’ve seen clients fall in love with her in minutes, as she builds rapport and demonstrates instantly that she understands their challenge, their brand but also brings something that they’ve never seen before. But there’s so much more to Rania. She is a leader and a mentor. She commits an inordinate amount of time to working with students, our graduates, but also young women specifically, to help them develop confidence and skill. She is a brilliant public speaker, and someone with an incredible level of conscientiousness. Rania - you are my inspiration, my hero and my soul sister.
— Alison Clark [Digital Partner, PA Consulting / BIMA Creative Stars 2018]