Go Boston | Concept & Billboard Posters Design

Project Info

The aim of the project was to create a series of 4 memorable, high impact billboard posters promoting the city I visited (BOSTON - U.S.A.), or particular aspects of the city.

Project Overview & Concept

The concept and idea that I finally ended up and chose for Boston was the contrast that exists in the city. The city of contrasts, e.g. old and new, history and future. My target group is very flexible and my main concept is that Boston can offer everything you want and satisfy all tastes and ages because it has everything.

I chose to design the posters typographically only, in order to get-off the cliché of images and I believe that the idea with the ampersand symbol (&), used as an S and at the same time showing the contrast is fresh and has a meaning and an impact representing Boston's aspects. I used the moto ‘go Boston’ instead of ‘visit Boston’, because it gave a more athletic feeling which is part of the Boston culture.