GD Mag | Interactive iPad Magazine

Project Info

GD Mag is an Interactive Men’s Magazine for iPad and it has been featured in the Top Ten of Apple Store’s ‘Men’s Interest’ Magazines.
Following, is a selection of my work of the first issue for GD Mag on iPad.
I was responsible for finalizing the logo and brand identity and led all the final design for the launch of the first issue, alongside the Editor-In-Chief.

Project Overview & Concept

New and classical. Revolutionary and traditional. Rebellious and conservative. A Gentleman and a Dandy... A true man is made of contrasts. A true man is always a pioneer, an explorer. This is what G&D is all about. Be it as a magazine or as a mobile device application, G&D aims at transgressing the limits between conventional and new media by offering men and women alike a quality edition, centered around classical elegance and the fine things in life.

G&D marks a new beginning: the classical is blended with cutting-edge technology, with an international perspective and a focus on the needs of contemporary men. For all the gentlemen and all the dandies out there...