WIND F2G | Microsite

Project Info

WIND Hellas, is an integrated telecommunications provider and it’s the 3rd largest mobile operator in Greece. WIND F2G (Free-to-Go) is for their young target group aged 15-23. A campaign was launched where the main message was that more than anything else you are afraid to call someone outside the same mobile network, because of the high rate charges. Therefore, we had to think something scary to match the campaign.

Project Overview & Concept

A suggestion amongst many others, called 'PHOBOS METER’, was a microsite where you would open your microphone and camera and had levels of testing your fear tolerance. After finishing the levels it was showing you the campaign message, that you don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore, because now you have plenty of free calling time to all mobile networks. Finally, it would let you share your ‘PHOBOS METER’ results on Facebook or Twitter and would also give you a Youtube video souvenir from your reactions to the levels.