Sustainable Future | Critical Design

Project Info

Critical design, MA Interaction Design, London College of Communication, UAL
The brief was to think of a more sustainable future and focus on a current issue we are interested in. The result should be on screen and have a highly speculative approach based on the critical design by Dunne & Ruby, which aims to create debate and discussion rather than a design solution.

Project Overview & Concept

My focus was on cultured meat, because it is an example of a potentially significant emerging technology. Like other developing technologies, it is uncertain how significant of an impact it will have. Before cultured meat may become accessible to the public, it is useful to gain an understanding of the surrounding issues and cultural implications.

One of the main challenges with the development of cultured meat its people acceptance and the introduction of it into future daily lives. Currently, cultured meat is very expensive, but with the improvement of technology, it could potentially feed big populations in the future.

My project is a speculative bespoke service to this emerging technology, intended to highlight issues to consider and further the discussion on cultured meat. The main aim of the project is to normalize the cultured meat, thus having a more realistic design approach as a possible future bespoke retail meat service, if extreme customization becomes achievable.

My project approaches cultured meat from an emotional, societal and ethical perspective and aims to spark debate regarding the future of food and the sustainability of meat production.