Sound Clock | Internet of Things with Intel

Project Info

IoT Workshop with Intel
The aim of the three week workshop with Intel was to produce an IoT proposal inspired by the question: How can the IoT things can be configured and designed to develop cultural exchanges from different regions and countries?
In collaboration with: Shengwei Zhu, Hyezin Kim

Project Overview & Concept

SoundClock is a personal portable furniture that captures the nostalgic ambient sounds of an indoor or outdoor space and gives the user the opportunity to share, exchange and save the moment.

The SoundClock is an IoT which allows the user to share and exchange his sound presence and selected ambient noises. Sounds can be customised and shared through a universal platform allowing users to share unique sounds from their houses and areas. Loved ones are also able to record sounds and share them allowing the user to feel closer to them when they are in different time zones.