Manual | 360° Advertising Campaign

Project Info

UAL Workshop in collaboration with Mother London
Hosted by Fred Deakin – Professor of Interactive Digital Arts at UAL.
In collaboration with: Manon Bournel- Bosson, Nicolas Bruck, Simona Ciocoiu, Linda Fedotova, Laura Fontes, Dragos Munteanu, Aurelien Richard

Project Overview & Concept

Over two weeks, 20 participants have been handpicked from across UAL and hosted by creative agency Mother.

Through an intensive everyday process we have been asked to come up with a range of project ideas to bring about positive change and innovation in the world. We were formed into 4 groups and amongst my other 7 team members we came up with a problem and a solution.

Parts of the execution were to find the brief of our project, create the logo, decide on the colour schemes and the overall aesthetics, the typography, the slogan, the indoor and outdoor campaign actions, the user experience, the animation video, and even the script and voice over. I was part of the whole process from concept to execution, and I was mainly responsible for the design and user interface of the digital platform.

People don't value everyday objects. On average each person in the UK throws away their own bodyweight in rubbish 8 times a year. How do we encourage people to value and be more creative with their everyday objects?

An indoor and outdoor advertising campaing that leads to Manual, a platform where people can get inspired, explore the possibilities of handcrafting and discover their own creativity.

To target people at the point of purchase, participating brands will place an image on their product labels showing what can be made out of the packaging. To highlight the process of creation, we will place our print campaign along tube escalators illustrating the simple steps needed to transform everyday objects into something new.

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