Walk Me | Internet of Things

Project Info

Internet of Things / Interactive Audio Tour Project, MA Interaction Design, London College of Communication, UAL
The project was to produce a piece of interaction design for a contemporary global traveller arriving in London.
In collaboration with: Xiaoyan Wang

Project Overview & Concept

London is one of the world's most popular destinations for foreign tourists with 30 million visitors each year. ‘Walk me’ is an interactive audio walking tour network for the contemporary traveller and the general public, that aims to create new behaviours through new interactions placed in the urban environment. Since London is a walkable city, we re-imagined the audio walking tour system, and got inspired by Walter Benjamin’s Flâneur and the urban exploration, with the use of location technology in order to create narrative paths. ‘Walk me’ shared network would operate similar to a bike-sharing system.

‘Walk me’ is an opportunity to discover city’s cultural stories through a new and interactive way and to encourage the user to look at the city with fresh eyes and engage with its surroundings.